Compete in Table Tennis

Q: When is a child old enough to begin playing table tennis?
A: Five years old is the best time to start.

Q: How frequently should children participate in table tennis play?
A: Two to three times a week is best to practice and develop skills.

Compete in Table Tennis

Q: How long are the practices?
A: Typically practice sessions will last two hours, with breaks for rest and free play.

Q: Is there any special equipment required?
A: Players will need their own paddle and table tennis shoes (in consultation with coach).

Q: Can adults get coaching, or is MTTA just for kids?
A: Players of any age can benefit from coaching.

Compete in Table Tennis

Q: Where are the practices held?
A: In Troy, at the Bharatiya Temple, 6850 N. Adams Rd., Troy, 48098, and on the premises of the Faxon Academy, 28555 Middlebelt Rd., Farmington Hills, 48334.

Q: Where are tournaments held?
A: MTTA will enter players and teams in competitions in metro Detroit, and elsewhere in Michigan and the Midwest.